A Catch up and my Make-up Essentials List

Welcome to the Make-up essentials post

Hello beauties, Isn’t amazing that as moms and as women, in general, we are always juggling multiple key activities at the same time? Although it does make life exciting it is also extremely tiring. So it is important for our own sanity, to distract ourselves from all that over-achieving but enjoying the little nonessential things in life. Today, we are talking about essential make-up essentials for dark skin beauties.

beauty essentials for dark skin

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Casual Friday Work Style: Navy Winter Chic

Hello Fashionista Lovelies,

I hope you are all doing well. We are right in the middle of autumn in the South Africa at the moment, although I must admit it, some days are very cold. The good thing about the slightly colder weather is that it is my favourite season to dress up for as the layering and rich colors are beautiful.

Friday Casual Work Style: Navy Winter Chic. A Working Woman's dilemma. Dressing down but still looking professional &well putting together for casual friday's.

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A letter to my youngest son, TheSpare

A letter to my youngest son

Welcome to Week 18 of the 52 Week Blogger Challenge. This week’s topic is A Letter To:. My Letter is address to my youngest son.

A letter to my youngest son , TheSpare

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What is in Ayanda Mkhize’s Make-up Bag

 The Lady and her bag series: A look into a beauty bloggers makeup bag


A Lady & her bag series featuring Ayanda from Beat my Blush. Telling us what's in her make-up bag bag

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Emotions & Senses brought to life, with the Glade® Sensory Experience

Join Glade in the multisensory journey of revisiting the powerful emotions and memories envoked the sense of smell. Remember that amazing holiday in India when you pass the spice shops? Scents are a powerful trigger to our emotions. Take a look at their campaign #FeelGlade

Image courtesy of Glade

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Tell your #MyGoogleZa Story & Win a fabulous Prize

Good Morning,
I hope you had a fabulous long weekend. I know I did, but more about that later. Today, I am so excited to bring you an amazing opportunity from one of my favorite brands, Google, yes that Google.

#mygoogleza campaign my story about how google saved the day, what is your story


We all live Google these days; even my kids believe it is the source of all knowledge in the world. So Google is offering you a chance to share your Google story on social media, and you stand a chance of winning a Google Hamper worth R5000, plus your story could be featured in ELLE magazine.  Today I am telling my story. Read more

Fun with the kids // for rainy and cold days indoors

Rainy and cold days are hard on children, both my kids are very active and are happiest playing outside and having lots of fun, tumbling around and riding their bicycles. Therefore, in order to minimise carnage on rainy or cold days I always have at least one activity that we can do that can keep them busy for a certain amount of time. So this is my list of indoor fun activities.

Fun with the kids on a rainy or cold day // activities and ideas

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