A different Point of View (Day 2 word: VIEW )

One of my favorite views in the Cape (Chapmans Peak Drive)

I had visited Cape Town many times before I came to work here, but our eyes look differently when a place will have special meaning for us.

In order to prep for the disruption in our lives my husband and I decided to come together and spend a weekend in Cape Town my first week of work. A couple of weeks Earlier I had found an article in a magazine supplement called WOW (woman in wheels) about a drive around Cape Town to promote a brand of cars.

Going on that trip proved to be a good idea it changed my VIEW of Cape Town. I saw places I had never seen while spending time with some one I love very much. That was a tipping point, changed my view point about something I had been dreading, and showed me the possibilities and nuances I wouldn’t have found by myself.

It sparked the road trip project, every weekend we take the kids and drive to a part of Cape Town we’ve never seen, we play tourist in our own country and we are in love with it seeing it through the eyes of our 8 year old, we marvel at the abundant beauty, and of our nanny who has not travelled much in her life, our eyes are being opened anew. It allows us to spend more time as a family talking laughing and just have new and old experiences enriched. It’s something I would recommend to anyone.

So what changed your view of the world, yourself or a situation? Id love to hear about it.



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