A Traveller’s Reflection

Curiosity and the Traveller

The life of a traveller is an amazing one, you see the world through new eyes when you are not necessarily part of it but just passing through.  As I sit here I wonder how those who are continuously in transit, cope with the chaos and instability that it brings to your everyday life. How do you cope with how travelling makes you a constant spectator of life back home.

I am sitting at the airport right now watching a South African Airway flight being prepared for its return journey to wherever. I am amazed how quickly and efficiently it seems everything is done in order to allow for the aircraft to get ready for take-off.  How quickly any vestige of the former travellers who occupied that space is removed, to make it ready for the next, as if the previous passengers never existed.

What I find even more is watching the crew, who live a very transit lifestyle always on the go. I watch the captain who now has to take control of the aircraft and his right-hand man, standing there in their highly professional looking uniforms both gazing somewhere else not even ACKNOWLEDGING each other. Perhaps thinking about home, or the city they just visited or as all humans do at one point or the other reflecting time and life is.  In my mind I wonder, are they friends or just colleagues.  Does the intimacy of being in the cockpit together for extended periods of time forge deeper relationships or is it like their presence at this airport a fleeting interaction which will be replaced with silence and gazing at space once the aircraft has landed?   Obviously in being a traveller myself, people watching and the curiosity it creates is engrained in me.

As they stand there a lovely young lady dressed in a pilots uniforms comes past and immediately the pilot becomes a totally different man, helpful, smiling helping her with her coat – in difference circumstances morphing into another one of his characters.

A Traveller’s Life Goes on

A Traveller's Reflection

Around them a cleaning and preparation crew of almost 30 people swarm into the aircraft to clean before the next lot boards.  It is a flurry of activity and before you know it it’s all over, the aircraft is ready to depart… And another group of travellers experience their journey and life goes on…

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