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How quickly this year has flown by.

Just the other day,  I was hit by the realisation that it is already September, which means that we have lived through the majority of this year already.  It feels like just the other day I was hearing those annoying Boney M songs and now it is around the corner again.  This realisation then prompted me to take a quick look at the goals I compiled at the beginning of the year, just to check if I had made any progress at all.

I must admit the result show that, No, I didn’t make much progress. For instance I still do not know how to ride a bicycle and I certainly did not lose 20 kg this year or even 10.

What did surprise me though, is how many other things, that I had not planned, which I was able to accomplish

I am quite happy with the following:

  • At the spur of the moment I returned back fully to Johannesburg, this has worked out very well for us
  • We bought a house on the spur of the moment, my family is very happy there
  • Have managed to increase my share in the ministry, this makes me feel good
  • I have spent an increased amount of quality time with my children
  • I have purged my house of bags and bags of clutter which have gone to people who can certainly use it, and not keep it in the garage like me
  • I have managed to read a selection of really great books, I did not think I would have time for this

All in all I feel quite chuffed by this unexpected progress

But what about my unaccomplished to do list, you may ask, I have decided to make peace with it, and accept that it will probably take me 20 years to learn a bicycle, which works out well seeing as it is taking me a year to lose 1kg.  I will be thin as a rake in 20 years and able to ride a bicycle.

There is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel

Have you met the goals you made at the beginning of the year?  What were they?  I would love to hear from you.

Take care


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