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Affordability of car seats for Everyone #CarseatFullStop

Ensuring affordability of car seats for Everyone #CarseatFullStop. Johannesburg, South african, mommy blogger

All parents care about the safety of their children, but the affordability of car seats can be an issue for many people, did you know there are organisations that help with this? Here is one of them.

Ensuring Affordability of car seats for Everyone #CarseatFullStop Mommy blogger, Johannesburg, South Africa

Car seats are a priority

Taking part in the #CarseatFullstop has really opened my eyes about car seat safety for children. I recently wrote about what I am doing differently in order to ensure the safety of my children while in the car.

We all know why it is important for us to use a proper age appropriate car seat for our children. It is important to also note that it is a legal requirement in South African for babies under the age of 3 to be in an age appropriate car seat. We can no longer ignore the huge amount of research, evidence and statistics.


It is possible for anyone to have a car seat

The fact that car seats might not be affordable for everyone is a big factor for many families. Most people are unaware that there are organisations that can help you to obtain a very reasonably priced or even free car seat.

As this was something that has been top of mind for me, I decide to visit the Wheel Well Organisation in Randburg to learn more about the work they are doing in road safety especially in relation to children’s safety.

Wheel Well is a non-profit organisation that was established by Peggy Mars, to look at a way of providing access to car seats for needy families. The work they do is truly commendable, they take used (and new) car seats, donated by the public or corporates, and ensure they are ready & available to be used by those who need them.

When they receive used car seats:


  1. They strip them,
  2. Check them for defects, wear and tear.
  3. If it is repairable they do so.
  4. They then clean it and get it ready for the next lucky baby or toddler.
  5. A parent can get a car seat by just paying a small donation

If the seat has damage that might not have been visible to the layperson (such as it was in a previous accident), they will ensure that it is recycled responsibly. The Wheel Well provide infant chairs, full car seats as well as booster seats for older kids.

No unsafe car seats are distributed

Testing out car seats from Wheel Well

When I visited Wheel Well , I received these 2 car seats to test out. These car seats had been donated to the organisation. They were stripped and fully cleaned and checked before being issued. So my family and I will testing out these second-hand car seats.

Ensuring Affordability of car seats for Everyone for Everyone #CarseatFullStop. Mommy blogger A Well heeled Woman. Johannesburg, South Africa

The clean and cleaned car seats from Wheel Well. Very affordable. A Booster seat for TheiHeir and a full car seat for TheSpare.

What was cool is that they demonstrated how to safely and accurately attach the seats in the car, with advice on how to test if they are secure.  Each person coming in was treated with compassion and helped with no awkward questions asked about why you can’t afford. Education about proper car seat usage is a big part of what they do.

Our verdict

Here is the TheHeir travelling in his booster seat. Since my first post, we have been diligent about ensuring that he is in a booster and is properly strapped in whenever we go anywhere. He loves his booster seat.

Ensuring Affordability car seats for Everyone #CarseatFullStop. Mommy blogger A Well heeled Woman. Johannesburg, South Africa 

Please let other’s know

How does it work?

  • Visit Wheel Well shop at Brightwater Commons in Randburg or give them a call on
  • They will advise you on the right type for you baby
  • They will show you how to fit the baby in the car seat and set it up in your car properly
  • Once baby has outgrown the seat, take it back and swap for the next size up
  • Please donate an amount that you afford so some else can be help


Once you child outgrows a seat, please donate it to Wheel Well

  • If you want to give it to a friend, take it to Wheel Well first for a check, cleaning and repair.
  • Donate money R150 or even more to Wheel Well.
  • Encourage those who can’t afford to use the service, it could save an innocent life
  • Support their campaigns every year, check on twitter and facebook (links are below)


Visit WheelWell

Shop U108, Entrance 4, Brightwater Commons,
Republic Road, Ferndale, Randburg,
Johannesburg 2125, South Africa

Follow WHEELWELLZA on Social Media

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Support the #CarseatFullStop Campaign

Ensuring Affordability car seats for Everyone #CarseatFullStop. Mommy blogger A Well heeled Woman. Johannesburg, South Africa
Ensuring Affordability car seats for Everyone #CarseatFullStop. Mommy blogger A Well heeled Woman. Johannesburg, South Africa

What if the affordability of the car seat is an issue? If you cannot afford a car seat there are organisations in Johannesburg that can help you

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  • Reply Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    Lindi, this is so important! I love that you are working to help a great organization get the word out about safety options but that you are helping to save the life of a child. Car seats are expensive, we were lucky to receive ours as gifts before our children are grown. Friends and family members went together and bought them, they are the most important thing that we could have received. It shows so much love to give a gift that helps keep our children safe. More importantly the organization you work with realizes how important this is and helps so many who need it!
    Nikki Frank-Hamilton recently posted…Stunning Shots – HydrangeaMy Profile

    September 20, 2016 at 6:14 pm
    • Reply lindiwem

      Hi Nikki thank you for commmenting yes this is important work, I hope that more people would realise that this is a big need and that by supporting such organisations they could save more lives

      October 3, 2016 at 2:17 pm

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