Away from the zone of comfort (Day 14: Away)

Away from the zone of comfortLife in the new city is exciting and scary all at once. One of the missing links is having family around who can just support and back you when you need help.

We are renting a great house quite huge for the area, large rooms, safe area. But it’s an older structure, so since we moved in 3 months ago, it has its drawbacks, we’ve had the geyser die on us, the blinds upstairs are falling apart, etc. but I still love it.

This week we have water flowing from the skirting’s, landlord is great he is getting fixed but we are going away for a week and it turns out there is a pipe burst in the foundation. It’s not going to be a quick job.

The thought of being away for that week was filling me with stress, and I realised that it wasn’t the thought of being cause I’m really looking forward to being in my own house in Johannesburg, but that there would be no one I can ask to keep an eye on the house and the work that needs to be done in the fixing of the water problem.

So being away was becoming stressful, because I had no one I could trust with my space who I have a personal relationship with

Just a realization that being away from home, you also lose your grounding from those your love

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