Becoming known as a wife who works (Day 13: Work)

As human beings we all have a need to be useful. We then find ways to contribute to society and bring value for ourselves and those around us.

One of the interesting paradoxes of our time, is the balancing of this role with that being a Christian wife and how you fit into the community of work and your community of faith

One example is that Christian women when you getting married, I believe you are agreeing that you will be a support for your husband and let him take the lead in all final decisions. Now I don’t think this is a problem especially if you can talk and agree on how you will conduct your affairs as a family.  But at the end of the day, my husband is the head of my household, and as an independent woman I am quite fine with that.

Where it seems to be a problem, it is to people outside your marriage, who have have various very strong opinions and feelings about  what I as a wife should be doing with my time, that focus on my and even having one is selfish, that I need to be at home looking submisiive and not have an educated opinion about anything. This is such a strange thing for me though because I believe we were all man and woman created with the capacity to think, to work, to add value, but somehow people expect you to diminish your skills in order for them to feel comfortable with your role as a wife.  Whether a woman works and studies outside of the home, or is a stay at home mom focused on home-making that is her choice and that what works best for her family. Who are we to get all worked up about it

I’m grateful that my husband supports my work outside of home and continuously challenges me to seek opportunities to utilise my head and skills. I respect him and his role as the head of our family and the 2 things have nothing to with each other.

Do you find that social pressure still tries and determines your role in life as a woman??


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