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Lindi from A Well Heeled Woman

Hi I am Lindi  the founder of A Well Heeled Woman.

We are focused on helping ourselves and other working mothers, to save time, be more focused, be healthier, and more content, so that we can nature ourselves and our families. We are always on the lookout for tools that can help working moms to juggle their competing responsibilities. When we find them we share this useful information, products and brands with working women that are part of our readership and community.

We are interested in  working with brands that are family friendly, environmentally and socially conscious, that focus on the upliftment of women and the protection and growth of children, that contribute positively to South Africa and the world.

We are based in Johannesburg and can be contacted on


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Updated Meida Kit for a well heeled womana

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Our Reader Profile

Our readers are predominately women, upwardly mobile, educated, hardworking, between the ages of 25 – 45.  They are generally in a relationship, have children or are responsible for raising or supporting children in their families, Have a career or are students at institutions of higher learning, they are techno savvy, socially conscious, love beautiful things, love to entertain, love to motivate and support other women, and are looking for inspiration on the best lifestyle for them.

Some of  the previous brands we have worked with

Liberty    JET_logo_new

McDonald’s SA

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