The #YourBeautiful Series

Clean, fresh… is my beauty #YourBeautifulSeries

Clean Fresh is my beauty #YourbeautifulSeries

The #YourBeautifulSeries continues…

Welcome to the next installment in the #YourBeautifulSeries, today we feature blogger Amelia Meyer, who talks about her journey to identifying what makes her feel beautiful, and also how she would she make another woman feel beautiful.  We all can agree that beauty is only skin deep but, sometimes we do not act like it is.  This series is to encourage women to own their beauty, celebrate it in all its different ways and show love to other women.  We hope you will enjoy, share and comment.

What is your description of beauty?

Clean, fresh, natural, simple.Clean, fresh, natural, simple is my beauty #YourBeautifulSeries

Celebrities, social media, and the combination of the two have proven that ANYONE can look beautiful given the right stylists and products. But, real beauty is about being healthy, happy and an all-round nice person. It shines through any surface flaws. A genuine smile is the most beautiful thing, regardless of how many teeth are still in the mouth, what wrinkles have formed after years in the sun…


When have you felt your most beautiful?

When I met my husband in December 2014. He was so positive and complimentary. No-one had ever made me feel so good about myself. He still tells me positive, upbuilding things about myself every day, and that goes a long way in making me feel confident and beautiful (on the inside too).

What are the things that you use to make yourself beautiful?

  • Body Shop Moisture Foundation (#07)
  • The glorious Body Shop bronzer – I would bath in it if I could
  • Essence’s I <3 Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara

With just these three things on, I am happy to go.Clean, fresh, natural, simple is my beauty #YourBeautifulSeries

Then, beyond make-up, I LOVE perfume. Versace’s Bright Crystal is my current scent, and it makes me smile every time I put it on.

Another beauty ‘thing’ that I have is wearing matching underwear. My friends laugh at me (I would go as far as calling it outright mockery, haha), but I would rather be late looking for a matching set than pitch up somewhere with mismatched underwear. The horror.

Why do those particular items or circumstances make you feel beautiful?

In terms of the make-up, I feel like I look healthy and fresh. Without make-up, I feel a bit washed out and blotchy. I also love the Body Shop’s products because they’re eco-friendly, which is important to me. I’m not super-strict about it but, when I can go ‘green’, I certainly will.

Perfume just perks me right up. I love beautiful smells.

And the underwear? Well, that’s just like wearing matching shoes. It makes me feel like I’ve got my life together.

How would you make another woman feel beautiful?

I think women respond well to verbal encouragement. We need to tell one another – SINCERELY – what we find beautiful. “Your smile is contagious”; “I can tell you’ve been working out, you look so healthy!”; “I wish I had your determination, your eating plan is really paying off.” We have to be careful of saying things that imply that ONLY skinny or tall or brown is attractive, and compliment the unique things that make everyone beautiful in their own way.


Clean, fresh, natural, simple is my beauty #YourBeautifulSeriesMy name is Amelia, I am a freelance writer, based in Knysna. I’m a new mom to Katie, and I use my blog ( to talk about this new adventures. I love tanning and cheesecake and I hate flying. You can follow me on twitter @mieliepip or any of the options below



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