Creating an opportunity for others to be taught (Day 11: teach)

Many of us have people who help us in our homes, either looking after our children or helping with household chores. They are mostly young woman who are either relatives or people who we’ve hired so they can assist in ensuring that because of work and other commitments, we still get to home chores, commitments and makes life run smoothly.

I have observed that in most cases, they are doing this type of work because they had no opportunity for further education or skills training, but like all of us have families to support and look after.

Research has shown that the growth of the economy can be tied amongst other things to the levels of education and ability to generate and spend money by the people of that country. So maybe we can make certain strides in our economy by educating more people who are of a working age.

So perhaps a suggestion, how about investing some money in educating and upskilling someone who needs it, so they can improve their ability to work and earn better, and maybe they will educate someone else with their earnings and the chain can grow.



Who knows where it will lead??

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