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Declutter your life with

Declutter your life with

I am in the process of moving house and for the last 8 weeks have been systematically trying to reduce my possessions.  The aim is that by the time I move i should be able to start afresh in the new abode.

This has meant a process of Trashing, Donating and reselling some of the items.  I realised how much we had accumulated in the last 8 years of living in that house.  Some of the items, are brand new, some were used for a week or so. What is even worse is that due to having a baby in the last year I have acquired a ridiculous number of baby products, prams, cots, cot linen etc.  So, yes it is time for the PURGE.

So I was quite excited to try out the services of   – a service designed to help people like me, part with their goods, in the best way possible. gives you access an array of legitimate buyers and sellers. Dubbed as South Africa’s first social marketplace for Mom & Baby it has certainly grown and matured since its inception in December 2014.

Momslist is specifically aimed at moms and dads – and sells a range of products from toys to anything you need to kit out that nursery.  All you need to do is create a profile of yourself and start searching or in my case uploading.  I am trying to stay away from the Buy option because of my current condition :).

The Buy option has an easy to search screen, based on categories and whether you are looking for Pre-Loved (used) or New items, once you click on search you can buy away.

The Sell option allows you to create an advert for the items your sending, upload pictures and send a link to both twitter and Facebook to catch even more buyers.

What I like most is the social aspect; you can rate a seller or a buyer and therefore provide a recommendation for others.  You can even connect to your Facebook friends who also are using Momslist.

There is an app for both Android and Apple devices and you can use that to register and utilise the app instead of a web browser. It is easy to use with prompts to assist you.  That is how I registered.

I have registered my profile and have started to upload all my baby items that my 18 month old boy has outgrown.  Now, I’m just waiting for the buyers. Wish me luck!!!

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