Learning to navigate – Day 4 (learn)

learningtonavigateWatching a child learn new things is fascinated.  My baby just turned 1 year old on the 27 September 2014, and he is learning to walk. The most fascinating things is you can tell that in his mind he is very fast, and is going around those corners at the speed of lightning.  But of course the reality is very different, he is still trying to find his footing, sometimes in his rushing he misses a step and nearly falls, and sometimes if the walking delays him he will get back on his knees and crawl very fast to where he wants to go.

So when I see this happen I marvel, that our bodies are amazing, that it’s a show of love from a loving God that he made us with the capacity not only to learn new things but to persevere until we get it right.

Sometimes as adults we forget this lesson, that children know so well, learning is about trying to do what you need to do, take a break when you tired and then trying again and again until you get it right.

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