Reflection 2015

Why I am Grateful & Thankful?

Why I am Grateful & Thankful? A Well Heeled Woman

Why I am Grateful & Thankful? A Well Heeled woman

2015 – The year that was …

Wow, 2015, what a year!!!  2015 has been one of the most strenuous, nerve wrecking, character building, pulling on my last nerve and hardest year of my life.  Even after being on leave for a whole 7 days I am still physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted – I am still on a sensory overload and I feel overwhelmed by just he thought of doing any work.

On the good side (because there is always one) as a family and individuals I know we have accomplished many fruitful things this year, at home, spiritually, at work, at school, from a physical fitness and wellbeing perspective, we even moved into our new home which we like very much  – this all happened in spite of some really steep odds.

Amongst all of this mixed emotions, I am filled with gratitude and thankfulness for the many favourable things that are part of my life.  It is true what the bible says:

“The blessing of Jehovah—that is what makes rich, and he adds no pain with it.”—PROVERBS 10:22.”

Jehovah’s has been good and true to His Word, He has not failed to provide for us what we need at all times.  I have many blessings and much to be grateful for, the ones that come top of mind are the ones I share today.  This list is not exhaustive, but it is what my tired brain could catalogue as of now:

So, I declare that I am grateful and thankful for:


  • For my husband, who continues to love and support me even when I can’t pronounce his name properly even after 12 years of marriage. For his resilience and stubbornness which drives him to accomplish so much, and his faith which I wish I had an ounce of. He has taught me continuously to be grateful and content. He is always content and happy with what he has received already.
  • For my Boys (Temo and Melo) they teach  me every day, that play is very important and nothing beats being full of food, lying in a warm bed and playing and laughing until you can’t speak no more.  For Temo who through all the struggles he has had, he is still the most loving, intelligent, and insightful boy I know and surprises me every day with his wisdom and clever tricks to get out of doing any chores.   For Melo, who’s complete and utter belief in his ability to do anything is inspiring, who has let no physical limitation matter to him, and I pray consistently that this world never erodes that self-belief from him.  For Ora, who is a kick-ass princess and rules these boys, and Siyethemba who is brave even when he is afraid and is a highly intelligent young man.
  • For my parents who continue to be a shining example of Godly conduct. Their trust in God, their love and respect for each other and their love for their kids is amazing to watch and experience.  I am every so grateful that my children get to live at the same time as these 2 amazing people and learn from them.
  • I am grateful for my sisters who are such amazing women, who are strong and determined and absolutely stupidly funny and silly all the time.
  • For my in-laws who have become family and who treat me like a daughter and never makoti. Thank Mme and Daddy for the love. My sisters in law who I have watched grow into beautiful women. Go Nyala Ga Mogale Ke Maemo, for sure.

Why I am Grateful & Thankful? A Well Heeled woman

  • For my other family by marriage, my brother in law who makes me laugh like crazy, and his family of strong people who love their God Jehovah with all their heart
  • For Beke, my other little sister, who loves and nature’s my children, even though they drive her crazy and even when her own family is so far away.


  • For the many I call friends all over the world who have enriched my life is so many meaningful ways and help me and my family build amazing memories. Through you, I have seen a true manifestation of the world wide brotherhood. It is true what the book of Proverbs `8:24b says: “There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother”.  For my friends who are crazy in their own way, who are my rocks and support and who let me be my crazy forgetful, day dreaming, head in the clouds self  , with love and encouragement, I am grateful for your presence and thank God daily for his gifting of you to me.


  • For my faith and relationship with Jehovah God who has never failed me even when I failed myself, for the privilege of prayer which has brought me back many times from the edge and for his loving and guiding hand.
  • For the earthly organisation and for those who are examples of dedicating theirs lives to the ministry
  • For my congregation, who are such fine examples of resilience and doing what’s right
  • For those who continue to inspire me through their own deeds, through proving time and time again that there is much good in the world still, that there is unmeasurable beauty and splendour


  • For my health and the ability to still be active and do what I need to do (this is priceless)
  • For the life and health of those around me, those who have had serious illnesses, those who battle still and those who fought hard to the bitter end.


  • For the ability to work and the job I have. Although taxing and tough – it provides moments of inspiration
  • For my work team, and what a KICK –ASS team it is  – the hardest working bunch of woman, who tirelessly drive the doing of the right thing even when it is not the DONE thing


  • For those who support my writing and follow my blog as I meander through the world that is in my head. Thank youf so much for the gift of your eyes and mind, I am forever grateful
  • For the creative talents, I should have nurtured more but will definitely do more with from now on
  • For the discovery of so many things I love and that may one day provide a career for me.  How can I not be thankful?


  • I am grateful that I have a home and place to lay my head every night and food to eat – this has not always been the case always in my life and therefore I am doubly grateful for it now

I will always have much more to be grateful for every single day but for now this is what my heart feels abundance from and I am thankful for it all.

For the coming year, I pray for good health for all those close to me, for their faith to grow and prosper, for them to find, nurture and keep love, to be happy, to have an abundance of laughter and to acquire contentment. What more can we ask for in life?   There are no simpler words than these brought to you by the IRISH, a very practical people…

Why I am Grateful & Thankful? A Well Heeled woman

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