Organising your lIfe

How to avoid the Monday blues

How to avoid the Monday blues

Organising your life for Monday Mornings

Every Sunday we all heave that collective sigh of despair as we contemplate the week ahead and remember that we need to be a work tomorrow.  I also feel like this, especially now as we come closer to the end of the year.  I am currently feeling tired and irritable all the time. I still though have a set of rituals that help me cope with the Monday blues. Especially now at such a busy time, it is crucial for me to stick to this rhythm as it brings some order to my life.  We go through a shortened version of the same list on other week days to prepare for the next day, so that there isn’t as much chaos in the mornings.

I thought I would share this with you and maybe it might trigger your thinking about how to organise your life in a way that makes getting up the next day slightly easier for you

Avoiding the monday bliues

My Monday (Daily) Get Up and Go Approach

1. My 9 year Old’s checklist

On Sunday, afternoon we prep for Monday, for the Heir who is going to school the following needs to the done:

  • He must Open his school bag, take everything out and clean the bag with a damp cloth
  • We go through his school books to ensure that there are no slips he forgot to give us or items due. (Anyone with primary school kids knows there is always a project or something that you always find out abbot the evening before it is due – the panic and horror)
  • He polishes his shoes and puts them next to the bag
  • He re-packs his books into the bag, we check his pencil case that all the needed stations is there  stationed which is written on the lid of the pencil
  • We cut nails and toes nails, check hair etc.
  • He must have supper and go to bed by 8 pm sharp

2. My checklist

In order to feel even vaguely in control of my I also go through the following

  • Check my diary for the week, and not down an preparation I need to do for meetings and add that to my calendar (Scheduling working time helps a lot if my week is filled with back to back meetings)
  • I check that there is nothing I need to for the lunch boxes, e.g. My family consumes so fruit that we should have our own orchid, so I need to ensure that there is always enough otherwise TheSpare will have a meltdown when he can’t have an apple
  • I check the weather, and take out an outfit complete with shoes and accessories so that I can practically get dressed in the dark the next, this works very well especially on days where I have to catch an early morning flight
  • I pack my go to daily cosmetic bag, and stash into my handbag.
  • I pack my handbag with my essentials including a notebook and pen.
  • I plug ALL my electronics to charge. I am an electro junkie I have the laptop, cell phone, my fitness tracker watch, the iPod, the backup emergency power battery all of this must be charged the night before.
  • I pack my laptop bag with files and the laptop. While it’s all charging so I can find it in the same place
  • As part of my fitness journey, I am drinking lots of water, so I fill my water bottle, next I add fresh ginger, mint and lemon and put into the freezer. It guarantees cold tasty water for the rest of the day.
  • I pack my lunch box for the next day
  • I then read a book to try and wind down and be asleep by 10 pm

Now this plan works well some weeks and other’s not, but I have ingrained it into my life as it brings a sense of orderliness and calm before the storm that is the week or the day ahead.  I would love to know how you organise your life, and what works the most for you. 

Please leave a comment below and we can share this with others


Hope you are having a productive week


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