The #YourBeautiful Series

I make my own beauty – The #YourBeautifulSeries

Introducing the 3rd instalment of the #YourBeautifulSeries, today we feature Charlotte from TheMummyToolbox, an amazing, active mother to share her story. To read the rest of the post’s in this series click HERE.

I make my own beauty by Charlotte

So, what is beauty?

This was a tricky question for me because I believe beauty is relative and depends on the individual person. For me, I feel at my most beautiful when I am messy, drenched in sweat and almost keeling over from exhaustion. When I take control of my life and who I want to be is when I feel beautiful. You learn a lot about yourself when you are trying to push your limits and I realised that my beauty is my dedication, my commitment and not allowing anyone else to tell me how I should be or feel.I make my own beauty #YourBeautifulSeries

Marilyn Monroe said

“A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear”

and if you do what makes you happy, you can find your own beauty then your light will shine through and everyone else will notice too.

Judgement in Beauty

I used to be overweight and I felt like “beautiful people” had it easier in the world and that I was being judged for the way I looked, then I realised the only person who was judging me, was me. I wasn’t happy and I reflected that to everyone around me. I think once you realise that you have the power to be beautiful all by yourself you realise what beauty means to you. Everyone has the right to feel beautiful.

Products I use

One of the main products that makes me feel beautiful are these; slightly battered, worn and faded trainers, we have done a lot of miles together and they have helped me to do a lot of soul-searching.

I make my own beauty #YourBeautifulSeries

Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up on special occasions and go out on a night out, showing off what I work for makes me feel great! BUT I want to feel beautiful every day and when I lace them up and leave the house on my next journey I know that whether it’s a good run or a bad one I will learn a little about myself and I have learnt that beauty is in the little things and you have to appreciate what you have.

“If could give any advice to make someone else feel beautiful I would say “Love yourself and find your beauty and the rest will follow”.

I think the #YourBeautifulSeries is a great way to inspire and encourage women to realise what beauty means to them rather than have other people tell you what it is. Thank you so much to A Well Heeled Woman for having me 🙂


Always sweaty and beautifulv2My name is Charlotte, I am a modern day wife, young mum to a toddler and lover of all things cats. I write about health, lifestyle, parenting, food, cats and everything in between because I am not happy unless I am trying to juggle it all. I in no way have my life together but I am enjoying the ride.  You can connect with Charlotte on her blog The Mummy Toolbox or on Twitter.

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