Life is a gift (Day 15:Life)

Life is a gift


I was looking for a picture that about joy the other day, and I came across the one above.  it stopped me in my tracks as it’s beautiful moment captured for eternity.  It made me wonder though where does this child comes from, why does she look so joyful, the fuzzy background maybe me wonder if her circumstances are good, does she get food everyday, does she get a chance to go to school, does she have someone who loves her deeply as a child should be loved.

All these thoughts raced through my head, as I looked at the picture, in that small space in time, I stopped and realised that I had just diminished this child’s joy  about life based on imagined bad circumstances.  I had allowed myself to be jaded and missed the point completely.

It makes sense that this background is fuzzy, because isn’t the joy of life about being and existing and acknowledging just that fact and accepting that it is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but we are alive.

Acknowledging that we have so much to live for and that although circumstances may make us bend. but we must enjoy the fact that we live and can laugh.

How time flies this is Day 15 of the 31 Day Writing Challenge, I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I am enjoying writing it

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