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#Motivationalfriday: Guarding your peace against the foolish

#Motivationalfriday: Guarding your peace against the foolish

Guard your Peace

Today, I had an encounter that reminded me of the words of this scripture (Psalms 26:4 )  Growing up, I heard these words many times from my father and it has resonated with me ever since.  My father is a straightforward man, he is a great believer that the people you allow in your space should not bring strife, but should be a blessing.

Guarding your peace against the foolish. #Motivationalfriday: Guarding your peace against the foolish

Peace is hard worn, in this crazy and busy world.  So it is important for ones peace of mind, to tightly guard your space and your peace, that means not allow people in your life who bring strife, drama and nonsense. There are many such people and you have to be vigilant.  You may meet them at the store, at work or like me you may meet them through business dealings, once you notice what they represent take swift steps.Do not engage in their ignorance

  • Do not get dragged into their dramatic lives

  • Do not engage in argument with them

  • Walk away and keep your peace

Having peace in your life is priceless, Guard it jealously

Have a great weekend

#Motivationalfriday: Guarding your peace against the foolish

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