Something New – Day 3

One of the things about moving to a new town, far away from what you are used too, is that everything is new. I mean everything!!!

It was rather depressing to realise that I can no longer walk into the local Woolworths shop and have everyone stop and chat to me, or have coffee at the wimpy where I used to go with my other mommy Barbara, and have the waiters remember me and my children.

I don’t know where the best coffee is, or even where the freshest bread and rolls are.  If I need to have a tire changed I don’t know who to go to for the best service…this is all a crisis for someone who likes a well ordered life.

Because, Yes, everything is new, I have to make new relationships, and it’s all very strange and very new, did I mentioned New

This will certainly take some adjusting too

this post is part of the 31 day challenge

Something New

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