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#Tasteofmanylands2015 Ethiopian Cuisine

One of my fun activities for this year is what I am calling #Tasteofmanylands2015, my culinary journey through restaurants representing the many nations calling South Africa home. Last week I saw a special on Groupon for a Seven-Course Ethiopian Experience and the Hubby planned the dinner with us and a group of friends.

Groupon #Tasteofmanylands2015 Ethiopian CuisineInitially it was planned for 8 people but we ended up with just 4 of us, inspite of this it still turned out to be an amazing evening. I have to admit that I am not the most adventurous eater, (I have rules such as meat should savoury and I hate garlic butter in anything) so this makes for interesting food choices when going out. But part of the #Tasteofmanylands2015 is for me to experience, different tastes and learn about the country and culture where that food comes from, and also lose some of “rules” when it comes to food.

The restaurant we went to is called Queen of Sheba, and is situated in Norwood.
When we arrived it was still pretty empty, but then again considering we had kids at home we were not aiming to be out very long, so we arrived there at 7:30 pm. The décor is very plain with a smattering of African type art and the TV’s were playing what I assumed were Ethiopian music videos. The waitresses struggled a bit with TheEnglish – which makes sense considering that I don’t even think it’s their 3rd language even, but they were immensely friendly and helpful. Which is + in my book .

We were served our drinks, hubby and I were early so I opted for my standard Passion Fruit and Lemonade and he had the same. about 30 minutes later,  the place started filling up, and the service started, lots of people seem ready to try out the cuisine.

Our starters arrived, Injera with 3 different Hot/Spicy Sauces. It was greatly enjoyed. I found the taste of Injera a bit jarring to my sense but then I am not a fan of anything that tastes sour unless it’s the lemon in my virgin mojito. But it was well made, fresh, nice and fluffy. The food was beautifully presented.
The time between the main course and starters was a bit long, but we made up for it with good conversation as usual.

taste of many lands

We were pleasantly surprised but the main course, oh to say it was yum would be an understatement. This time, the big plate was covered in Injera and various sources and meats with the variety of spices and tastes loaded on top. It was a taste adventure, with spicy and hot food and the sourness of the Injera, as well as a cheese which calmed down the heat.
As this was my first Ethiopian culinary experience, I can’t even name all the foods on that plate but I will be back to learn more.

For dessert, we had coffee and popcorn – which we drank and ate even though we were quite full from the main course.The coffee was strong and fragrant, had an almost liquorice taste to it.

#Tasteofmanylands2015 Ethiopian CuisineThe vibe was nice with some great music playing in the background while you could still have a decent conversation with each other, definitely my kind of place. We stayed so long we were the last patrons who left. Certainly a very successful night. Did I mentioned the Owner/Chef came to chat at the end of the evening and explain some of the food – very sweet
Definitely a place I will visit again.

If you are like me and find it hard to try new foods why don’t you join me on this taste adventure ??

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