Today I cried tears to cleanse my soul;

I cried for all the times when I had no control

All the times when I could not stand up for myself

Today I cried for all the good times

I cried in appreciation for what the lord has done for me

And I cried for the joy of having a child who loves me in spite of all my imperfections

These tears were a way to clear away the cobwebs of my mind

And these tears allowed me to breathe again

I cried for all the women around the world

Through all the tribulations and trials they are facing

I cried also for their joy for those moments when they more powerful than anything else that ever walked the face of the earth

And in those tears I acknowledged my own weakness

I acknowledged that we are far stronger when we know where we can fail

And in those tears I was pleased with the life that I have

So yes today I cried; there was nothing wrong; nothing bad had happened

It was like my soul was re-living all the  moments of my life since the day I was born

And it was acknowledging that I am here, that I am strong, that I am weak and complex and that I am loved

And that sometimes I will love those who don’t love me enough

And some time there will be those that will love me more that I love them

And these tears were also a celebration, a celebration of life

And as I finished crying I opened my eyes; And I could see clearly this path ahead

And this path was glorious; And it showed a future in which I had power over my own life

Where I could make decisions that would impact well on myself and others

So yes I cried for a good reason; And my crying cleared up my eyes

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Portia Lindi Mogale 30 June 2011 ©

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  • Reply Siphumelele Twala

    Word! Intense! Insightful! Deep!

    June 30, 2011 at 7:14 pm
  • Reply Mr X

    Khala zome nkosazana.

    June 30, 2011 at 7:43 pm
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