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The McDonalds “Know Our Food’ Campaign

McDonalds SA wants me to know their foods


As mentioned in my previous post, I had the privilege of being invited to an event, where McDonalds shared with Media organizations and Bloggers the launch of the ‘Know Our Food’ programme. This is a continuation of their transparency journey that they have been on worldwide for a while now

This was certainly intriguing to me, as yes, I have always been dubious about the content of McDonald’s meals. I for instance always wondered, if, their Hamburgers were made of real beef, and it seems out I’m not the only one. A Google search shows this is a pretty common question, although it doesn’t look like its stopped the reported 8 million McDonalds customers from buying their food.

According to McDonald’s, the ‘Know Our Food’ programme is aimed at “answering customers’ questions about where their food comes from? What’s in it? And how it is prepared?”

In the first phase of the programme, a dedicated website has been setup where customers will access commonly asked questions about McDonald’s food. They can also AskGoogle, using the Google Voice Search function on mobile device.

I am willing to see if I can learn more and if it will change my mind in any way. I cannot run away from the fact that occasionally as a treat, my kids wants McDonalds happy meals, and I need to know that I am feeding them right, so I must be informed. So I am keeping an eye on this programme and the information they supply and we will see where it leads.

You can do the same, here is the link to the dedicated website ( ). I would be interested to know what you think, and if you learned anything new or interesting. Please comment below.



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