The ShowUpBetter challenge 2016




As the year starts, what are your intentions and goals. How are you preparing your mind for be present and mindful in your journey at this time?

We all have goals, it doesn’t really matter when you decide on them and starts driving them to success. it has been found that one of the determining factors for success is our ability to drive, be present and engage with the goals, plan them and execute on them.

The #ShowUpBetter Challenge is to help all of us to not all plan but also be  ready to execute on our life decisions, and be able to sense and respond accordingly.

We will be sharing tips and ticks, templates and guides, sounf advice and some rela life experiences of what it really means to show up differently and how it can improve your life.  Our keys words for the challenge can be seen below

1 2 3 4 5 6









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