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About 2 weeks ago, it finally hit me… Summer is so close. And that means that there will be sun in the Mother City and I will feel the pull to go to the beach … this prompted the thought that this year I would love to do this in shorts…and then the panic about wearing said shorts… so here it is my attempt at a shorts-ready body by 1 December.

need theseshorts

Need these shorts worn by Beyoncé.. and her legs

Since my baby was born (11 months ago) I haven’t had to really do anything about my weight, and I’ve also realised that I can no longer use him as the excuse why I have excess weight …. (I was really great at the “I’ve just had a baby that why I am eating this chocolate and caramel muffin…”) story line. As a mom prioritising your health is always a difficult thing, but I do believe we owe it to ourselves and our children to ensure that we are as healthy as possible.

The other driver is that I am back in Cape Town… and I have to admit that Cape Town puts me under a lot of pressure… “EVERYONE” (which translated to some of the people I know) is on a diet (Banting, LCHF, HFLC, etc.) and even…. (Gasp) exercising all the time J ….

So what is a girl to do..??? Well,  this girl decided to pull herself together and change her eating habits, get fitter and healthier.  So over the next 21 days I will be chronicle my attempt at the transformation project called the SKINNY-LINDY PROJECT … some robust change and project management assistance will be appreciated…

How am I planning to do this?

  1. Back on the sure-slim eating plan (why: cause it worked for me years ago)
  2. Prepare healthy meals in advance
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water consistently everyday
  4. Use Pinterest as my motivation (See my Skinny-Lindi Project Board)
  5. Stop eating sugary items (my weakness)
  6. Gym twice a week
  7. Join a walking group at work (Majik Foresthere I come)
  8. Being a lover of Social Media…join all the Facebook support groups I can find

The Goal: Lose 5 kg by the 7th of October


I will be sharing my observations, tips and what I learn from this journey on my blog, “A Well Heeled Woman” (

Are you trying to lose weight?? Become healthier? How are you doing it?? Would love to hear some of your feedback…

Please comment and share your thoughts

Summer is nearly here

Let’s go

yours in skinniness…


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