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The solitude of travel

Travel is an activity filled with solitude and wonder both in equal measure. At every airport, train and bus station you see people having a sense of purpose as if they all have somewhere grand to be, but you see also how as Humans we have become scared of contact with others.

I’m big on solitude sometimes I think I love it too much. And places of transit like airport provide me with a space to just be without engaging with others – in my world that is bliss…in this space a im not unique, there are many like me and here its ok to want your own company and thoughts, to read a book, play with your phone, stare into the distance and just be.

It would be good if the world accepted this, personally I would get more peace

So please don’t feel Bad if you see me in transit and I seem not to see you, it’s just that I’m too much in my head. But you are welcome to join me 🙂

thesolitudeof flight thesolitude of fligh me


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