The Spare’s Suitcases

Traveling is something I enjoy in actual fact I look forward to it like some people look forward to their next pay check. I spend hours looking for travel deals, day dreaming about where I’m going to go next, the sound of an aircraft taking off ior landing envies a feelingof wanderlust   and more daydreaming which can be sometimes inconvenient for those around me because I live right next to the airport and without fail at least every 30 minutes they is an aircraft flying over my house or I’m driving past the airport so I spend a lot of time wool gathering about future travel. It helps that I have a husband who loves traveling as much as I do.

Until of course we had another child… Because the Heir who is now 7 years is used to all this movement since he has been 5 years old he can pack himself a bag for the weekend …aslong as you can tell him what activities are expected he can sort himself out with great efficiency. So I was rather unprepared for how much turmoil the little General (or the spare) who just turned 7 months has brought to my traveling world.

In order to leave the house for the dat with him I need at least
8 nappies
A packet of wipes and a wash cloth
Nappy cream
3 bibs (he is a drool master)
2 change of clothes
A warm top
A receiving blanket
A baby blanket
A container of milk
2 bottles
2 small bottles of baby food
Allegex and eyebrows
A wash
His toys
Biltong strip and pain meds (he is teething)

And all of this is to Just to go out for the day. Perish the thought that I have the bright idea to sleep over somewhere then I’m just setting myself up for more drama.

someone asked me the other day why don’t you just stay at home …. Well unfortunately wanderlust and baby hormones don’t work so work well together so I need the change of scenery it’s an addiction I’m not ready to let go off. So I just have to teach the SPARE to pack his own clothes…. 😄


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