the struggle to survive 

Sometimes we need a reminder of what’s really important in life,  it helps puts things into perspective. Today I spoke to a lady at work, a mother of a 13-year-old son. She wakes up every single day goes to work with a smile and works hard, but still earns what can only be called a minimum wage. She wants to take herself and her talented son out of a situation of emotional abuse by family members, but she can’t afford it. For her every day is a struggle just survive until the next day. But every day she gets up and tries again to ensure that her son has a better future than her. He is supremely talent  in soccer and goes to a soccer camp to train every week, but every day she cannot even afford to give him bread to take to school. She has to borrow money to go work and back.

This and many of the daily happenings of her life saddened me so much, because I realize that she will always be fighting unable to get out of her cycle of her current circumstances and that unless an intervention happens soon because of having no resources her son might one day lose his love of soccer and end up like many others selling and taking drugs and involved in at-risk behavior.

It’s such a good reminder that the people we see every day are struggling with the basic needs for survival everyday they are just trying to survive. Our role is to help them find a way to make it to tomorrow


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