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Motherhood a definite life change

Motherhood is a life-changing experience for all parents, it is a time when you are fully accountable and responsible for another human being. It is terrifying and exhilarating. This is true especially for mothers as their bodily changes, emotional changes and the responsibility of being a mother.  For most working women, motherhood means, even more, adjustments, to goals, activities, priorities and even relationships.

Creating an environment of support

A Well Heeled Woman aims to create an environment of support, collaboration, sharing for working mums everywhere. Part of the support is knowing that even though our journeys are unique but we are not alone. learning from each other about how to live life to the fullest while fulfilling the high calling of being mothers.

The world we live in puts a lot of pressure on women to have it all, to be stay-at-home mums, to be working mum’s but the freedom we have now means that we can be anything we want, and also have an opportunity to go after any opportunity we want in life.

If your path is to be a working mum, through choice or circumstances, what can you learn from other women who have gone through the same path, what tools can be useful to you? Where can you find support? How can you create the space that allows you to do what’s best for you and your family?

The purpose of the Working Mum’s Life Series

Starting in September, we are introducing a series of Blog interviews and stories called The Working Mum’s Life series. In the series, we will be hearing stories of working mothers from all over the world, who are mothering while trying to find or build or grow a career at the same time.

We hope this series will encourage all of us to reach for the dreams we want for ourselves, and create a life that resonates with us.

Look out for the first interview and story, titled, It wasn’t a dress by Rumbidzai Makina on Friday 9th September.


If it resonates with you read it, share, comment and let us know what you think

Join the conversation

  • We are looking for stories about the lives of working mums from all walks of life. Do you want to share your story, please send an email to
  • Join the conversation by sharing these stories with other women, perhaps it will encoruage other working mums in their own journeys
  • Support other working mums in the workplace, be a bridge so that they can also prosper


We are looking forward to going on this journey with you

A Well Heeled Woman team

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A Well Heeled Woman blog introduces the "A WORKING MUM's LIFE INTERVIEW SERIES" a collection of the stories of mums justlike you and I who are juggling the commitments of being a mum and working, How do they do it? what tips can they give that might work? How can we create a community for working mums for support? Join the conversation

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