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I am very excited to introduce the first Series on this blog called the #YourBeautifulSeries

The #YourBeautifulSeries  is a celebration of beauty through the eyes of women. Every week,  we will feature a woman’s story about her idea of beauty.

Each story in the series will focus on their views on:

  • What is your description of beauty?
  • When have you felt your most beautiful?
  • What are the things that you use to make yourself beautiful?
  • Why do those particular items or circumstances make you feel beautiful?
  • How would you make another woman feel beautiful?

This is a way to tell our individual stories of beauty, and when and what makes us feel our best. This is not just about the use of cosmetics or beautiful clothes– it is about anything that makes us as women feel inspired, happy, energized and translate into a beauty that shines to others.

 How do you take part in this series?

If you would like to be featured in this series, please send me an email to


Rumbidzai Makina – My Strength is my Beauty

Rumbidzai blogs over at delightedivorcee and you can follow heron Nike+ as at Rumbidzai Makina.

Vongai Bhelebana – I am unique and loving it

Vongai blogs over at, and you can connect with her on Twitter as Vongzie.

Charlotte – I make my own beauty

 Charlotte blogs over at  The Mummy Toolbox and you can connect with one Twitter.

Amelia Meyer – Clean, fresh, natural, simple is my beauty

Amelia blogs over at suddenlyamom, you can connect with her on Twitter at @mieliepip

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