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My Voice Found Freedom

This week’s motivational post, is a poem I wrote a couple years ago, I was in a place where I felt tied down and suffocated by many events in my life, and in that moment who I was wanted to be liberated and set free but also to mourn the loss of everything that was held dear. This poem is a reminder to me that life is challenging and extremely hard and the actions of others can really take away what is dear to us, but we can recover, move on and be stronger than even.

That is why the title of the poem is :

My Voice Found Freedom

by Portia Lindi Mogale, uMaMbatha, uShandu kaNdaba, Umthiya ngenkomo abafokaza bethiya ngamahlahla©

Today I gave way to the voice inside of me,

It screamed to get out, but I had kept it in

But as I watched it weep,

I heard my voice scream

The anguish, the pain, the raw feeling of helplessness

The sense of violation and the security that cannot be recovered

At that moment,

I let my voice run free from the prison I had put it in

I let it run and scream and cry,

for the moments forever lost to the cruelties of others

I let my voice walk the path of its pain

It touched the past and revisited the dark spaces

and when it came back …

It was bruised and bleeding, hurt and sore


Tonight I let my voice express itself to the world and it touched freedom.


Have you had those moments where you felt as if your voice was not heard or acknoeldged? Where you felt you had let others take away your choice or turn your life into something that you did not imagine?  I hope if you have or even if you are, work to get out and relive your life



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