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Week 3 – Strengths & Weaknesses

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52 Week Blogging Challenge

Hello Happy Monday to you,

Week 3’s task is to explore the topic of Strengths and Weakness.  This took me back to every single management course I have every attended where you analyse these and then have to come with action plans around how you will deal with your weakness – I always want to run away at this point especially when I find out they have to follow the SMART principle. So much pressure.

52 week Blogger Challenge

So here are my thoughts about my strengths and weaknesses I will be updating this post as I come across more point to add.

My Weakness

  •  I am impatient about everything (especially slow internet connections)
  •  I take on too many activities at once which make me feel overwhelmed
  •  I like to learn as I go along, which means I make a lot of mistakes
  • I analyse everything I write as I worry how it will offend and stumble other people this is highly exhausting
  • Sometimes I am not very organised
  •  The clarity I have about what I’m prepared to invest my time in can be seen as arrogance by others
  • I hate to be micromanaged, and I hate people who can only work if they are micro-managed
  •  I would rather do it myself than watch someone mess it up
  •  I am easily irritated by foolishness, inconsiderate and people who don’t apply their mind (very easily – I need to work on this maybe in 3 years’ time)
  •  I am too protective of my family’s time – this is a problem for some people
  •  I am high-stress person (Its part of overthinking every single thing that matters)

My Strengths

  • I love writing and reading
  • I am not afraid of hard work
  • I like to learn as I go along, which results in me learning some amazing skills
  • I am not afraid to start something new
  • I am highly intuitive
  • I love to motivate and encourage others
  • Sometimes I’m too organised, like at the beginning of the year
  • I am very clear about what I WANT TO DO, anything that is not my niche I outsource,
  • I don’t like having my time wasted
  • I am highly creative
  • I have a lot of love for those close to me, and I am always thinking of ways to spoil them
  • I am deeply spiritual person
  •  If there is an easier way to do, with the same level of quality I will find it
  •  I love to inspire and grow others

52 Week Blogger Challenge Strengths and Weakness

What are your key strengths and weakness?  Are you doing anything to amplify your strengths and work on your weaknesses? Is this kind of analysis even a priority in your life??

Keep up with the 52 Week Blogger Challenge,  by checking out POST NO 1 with links to all the other posts in this series

Have a great and productive week

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