What I know for sure (Day 6 – Know)

One of the columns I enjoyed reading every month is in the  Oprah magazine titled “What I know for sure”, it is always interesting to marvel at the lessons life teaches and also to just check whether any of the words resonated with me, to ask myself had I learned that lesson yet?

So for this post I thought let me share something’s I know for sure :

  • I know that love is an amazing capability – it can expand and encompass so many people with so many different circumstances
  • I know that life is very tough; sometime it will bring you to your knees but when the time comes let your body go to its knees, rest for a minute gather your strength and get up again
  • I know that a mother’s love knows no bounds and that it’s what carries woman through the horrible pain of birth
  • I know for sure that I don’t need to suffer just because countless others have done so before me it’s not a necessity of life; but that when it happens to me one way or another I will survive
  • I know that there is much more in store for me and I just need to be prepared to take the step that bring it closer

A knowing is a belief, its faith its acceptance that there is a power beyond what is normal in all of us


All this and more I know…


What do you know for sure ???

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