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What is happiness to you …?

So what makes you happy? It’s interesting the various answers you can receive from people when asking this question…As humans we use the words “I’m Happy” for a variety of scenarios some of them mind boggling…but we all have that tipping point .. the one time when without realizing we are truly present, engaged and content..

This morning on my way to work I was thinking about when am I at my happiest or even better when I am most content… it turns out the answer is very simple:

· When I’m at home with hubby and the kids;
· When I’m reading a good book in bed, while my guys do their own thing around the house – I must be able to hear them;
· And then my sisters and BIL come to visit;
· When hubby and I see or read something and we laugh uncontrollably;
· And then I cook a good meal
· And my house is miraculously clean
So I’m easy to please …. 😄😄

Tell me, when are you at your happiest and most content..????

whathappinessmeans to me

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  • Reply zodwa

    1. When I have conversation with my son (his hilarious)
    2. Listening to my music
    3. With my sisters they are crazy
    4. With my friends
    5. Reading a book
    6. Eating good food

    August 20, 2014 at 9:29 pm
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