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It is that time of the year where I do some reflect on the past year, this is usually the best time as the year winds down. At this time I always take a look at not only what my goals were and whether I was able to accomplish them, but I also take a look at the drivers that led to certain choices and decisions.

My reflection

I was going through my old notebook when I came across words I posted on my blog in 2012.  In the post titled “I fear turning into them”  (see the excerpt below) I referred to one of my key drivers which is learning from other people’s mistakes, choices, joys and sadness, and trying not to learn the hard way. I fear becoming one of those people who never reached their full potential in spite of the many opportunities open to them; I fear waking up one day and realising I accomplished nothing worthwhile with my life, that I failed my children and that I contributed nothing meaningful and positive to the world.  I admit this is a big fear for me.

The Original Post

Here is an excerpt from the original post, I invite you to click on the link and read further
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In reading the post again, what I found fascinating, was how this same theme has been so relevant to me this year. The fear described in that post is still present with me, it means that I am constantly scanning my environment, very aware so I can absorb, learn and responding to everyday occurrences and those that are out of ordinary.  I also realised that I didn’t always get it right this year. There were instances where I also found myself in the never-ending cycle of indecisiveness and no clear direction, and in that I made mistakes. In spite of that, I will continue to allow that fear to stay because it has driven me to success.

What is your driver?

Do you have a major driver or motivator that pushes you to succeed?  I would love to hear your views about what drives you?  Are you aware how your drivers (positive or negative (like in my case, fear), are impacting your life? What are you doing about it now that you are aware? Are there changes to your response in certain situations?

Let’s talk!!  In the new year, I will be doing a series of posts about how we show up to each new situation, our mindset, our goals and the influences around us drive our success, and even how we define success.  I am looking forward to having a conversation with all of you on this.

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