What’s around the corner…

As we grow, sometimes we approach crossroads in our lives, where decisions have to be made and roads have to be chosen that change our lives course. Growing up I used to dread those moments, as my intuition, always gave me warning when such was coming. But the value of growing up, is you learn that these moment have to come in order for us to grown, and that growth is a necessary step in our lives. Right now I feel that equal mixture of dread and anticipation, I don’t know what is coming around the bend, but I find I’m looking forward it, whatever it is. Because, if nothing else life has taught me that I’m strong, I’m resourceful and I do not scare easily and most importantly that there is an abundance of blessings when you do the right thing. So we should embrace change always, because otherwise what kind of people would we be, stuck in the past, being guided by the negative voices in our heads, blinded by fear, not seeing the rising sun of possibility


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